After Storm Roof Damage in New Jersey

Do you remember how happy you were the first time that you signed for your home and the realtor handed you those keys to your home… As exciting as it may be to move into your new home, we rarely think about the issues that weather can have on our home.

Sometimes things don’t work out as planned. That’s why it’s important to stay prepared for any storm damage that may ruin or destroy your roof. 

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How Does A Roof Look Like After Storm Damage?

The damage that your roof will sustain may not always change color or be obvious. Your roof may even appear to be in perfect condition as the rooftop’s physical outlook may remain more or less the same. It is the foundation and performance of the roof that will have most likely been affected.

There are a couple of ways to determine the damage done to your roof after a storm.

These signs can be evident for anyone to see, while others will require a roofing company’s input about storm damage. So that we can help them identify and resolve the issue. 

The Most Common Types Of Storm Damages

Let’s look at the different types of elements that can cause damage to your home after a storm and what the process looks like.

Wind Damage

Let’s face it. There is nothing more beautiful and calming than a lovely New Jersey breeze in the autumn. As great as the calm wind can be during certain times of the year, we also have to be aware of wind damage that can affect your home.

Heavy rainstorms or tornados can generate such powerful gusts of wind that it can uproot shingles from your roof, which can leave large enough rainwater gaps. 

Water Damage

The part of experiencing storm damage that can be the most destructive is knowing that water can destroy your whole home, not just your roof structure.

The water can cause a whole slew of problems, such as mold and mildew, along with other health hazards. Storm damage roof repair is crucial to preventing the adverse effects of water damage.


Hail mixed with strong winds can be a disaster for your roof and siding. The storm can carry varying levels of debris with it. Some hail in the winter can be small enough to pepper the shingles. In contrast, other hail storms may be large enough to break through the shingles and the siding.

The damages are also a result of the wind going beyond what people would consider normal limits. Mother nature is unpredictable, but good storm damage roof repair will keep you going after such events. 

3 Kinds Of Roof Storm Damage Repairs

  • Strong winds can cause trees to uproot and fall on to your home to impact your shingles, which leaves them broken or cracked. 
  • A small gap is everything water needs to ravage your roofing structure. Water gaps can occur from shingles being removed or ripped off from storm damage.
  • Hail storm roof damage can mimic sandblasting on your roof. When the hail hits, it breaks away the bleached top layer, exposing the darker color underneath. Due to the fierce winter, it’s crucial to have hail damage roof repair in South Jersey as soon as you notice the damage.

 Pro-Line Roofing is a company that repairs storm-damaged roofs. When dealing with shingles, one thing that becomes seen on your roof is dark splotches. As the shingles become exposed to the sun, they tend to bleach, losing their original color.

Can repairs from roof damage and storm insurance be covered?


Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Roof Damage From A Storm?

Repairing a roof is a cost that one usually has to undertake every decade or so. However, storm damage can make things extremely difficult for you to get the necessary repairs needed. These repairs can end up coming at a very hefty price, but that is the reason why you have home insurance. 

Im sure if you talk to your family and ask does insurance cover storm damage to roofs? You’ll be amazed by their response to long-term policies when it comes to roofing repair and installation.

Roof storm damage insurance is always a dreadful experience to deal with but can most likely be covered. Depending on your credit and income, there are many insurance policies available but under certain conditions. 

One of the main guidelines is that the homeowners should not have caused the roof damage. Additional damages such as fire and vandalism are outside the homeowners’ power and will most likely be covered. Questions about financing and insurance are some of the most common calls that we get here. 

Different policies cover various natural disasters, such as earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, heavy snowfall, hail, and strong winds. A good example would be that heavy snowfall can weigh down heavily on the roofing structure, causing it to collapse inwards.

That’s why roofing insurance claims for storm damage is essential to have set up with your agent in deciding what policies can remain or become removed. They would be in a better position to let you know what is covered. 

The other thing you should take into consideration is the look at the warranty.

At the same time, this is an excellent agreement to have if anything happens. What should be approved sometimes is typically not on the paper that you signed with your insurance company. 

In comparison, other warranties will only cover the materials’ cost and strip additional cost to any of the manufacturer’s fees during installation. 

Weather is not a factor in these warranties. 

Before Filing A Claim

Before filing a claim, it essential that you get your entire roof and home’s structure in check. That is what we are here to do. Should you suspect damage to your roof, do not hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call.

Somerset Contractors is a storm damage roofing company that guarantees thorough inspections and will check even the tiniest bit of evidence that your roof or structure has become unsustainable. High-quality standards have always been part of our promise. To ensure that anyone who calls on us receives the best services possible. 

We guarantee you, our work will last you years and give you peace of mind whenever the next storm comes rolling around. Fill out a form here for a quote or give us a call at (856)-340-0747.