Replacing a Roof with Solar Panels in NJ

Solar power is changing the way the world is enjoying power inside their homes. Unfortunately, many New Jersey houses that have solar panels on them need a new roof!

Unfortunately, solar companies specialize in electricity but don’t know much about roofing practices. And many roofers specialize in roofing without a clue to what goes into a solar energy system on a roof.

Thankfully, we have a great network of solar maintenance companies in New Jersey and New York.

Having a roof that can’t sustain your solar panels’ life will cause a ton of issues down the road. Some people have problems with their solar panels on their roofs.

This is where we come in.

Installing A New Roof With Solar Panels

Installing a new roof is not an easy feat. Add in the presence of solar, and the job gets even more complicated. It isn’t as simple as looking up how to mount solar panels on a roof and doing it yourself.

Thankfully, we are up to the task. 

All this is down to the decades of experience that we have gained while working on various roofing structures. Installing a new roof with solar panels is just another ordinary day at the office for us!

Our professionalism and meticulous attention to detail have earned us a reputation as a top-rated roofing company in South Jersey. Check our reviews to find out why exactly the many people we have served have loved every single thing we did. 

You will never be disappointed by the job that we do on your roof residential solar panels. 

Solar Panel Roof Cost

Installing a new roof or repairing a roof with solar panels comes with additional challenges. You have to ensure that the roof structure is strong enough to handle the extra weight. You need to make sure that your solar panels can operate perfectly on your new roof. 

What does a new solar panel roof cost? It depends on the size of the roof, the materials, solar panel roof mounting systems used, and the types of solar panels. If you need a quote, click here and fill out the form or call us at (856)-340-0747.

Let Us Consult You On Your Roof

Before you start installing solar panels on your roof, you’ll want to speak with us. Are you sure that this structure is strong enough to support the solar panels’ added weight and related material?

Also, now that you are considering this, you have had that roof on your home for many years. How long do you have until you need to replace the roof? 

Before you decide on solar panels, you will need to have your roof evaluated. As part of the studies we undertake before replacing your roof, we will conduct an evaluation. 

A consultation gives us a clear picture of your roof’s condition and how we can work together to make it perfect. Also, the age of your roof is a significant factor in helping you avoid additional costs. 

If your roof has more than eight years of life left in it, then you can go ahead with adding new solar panels. If not, you could look into replacing the roof before installing the solar panels. 

The best point to install solar panels is when you are installing a new roof. This ensures that you don’t incur high costs when replacing both at different times. A new roof with new solar panels means you won’t have to replace either before their lifetimes. 

Solar Panel Removal Is Inevitable If Your Roof Has Issues

If you go ahead and install the solar panels before replacing the roof, then at some point, they will have to be removed. There is no way to replace the roof while the solar panels are still bolted onto it. 

Aside from installing a new roof, which itself is costly, you will also have to incur the costs of contracting a company to remove the solar panels. They will then reinstall them after the roof installation has been done. 

This also means that you will have to spend a few days without your source of renewable energy. Relying on on-grid power means that your energy costs will go up as well. 

Generally, roofers do not deal with solar installation. This means having to deal with two different companies. We partner with the best solar companies in the business to ensure a smooth transition.

Choose The Right Roofing Materials

Homeowners often choose different roof types for an aesthetic feel to their home. They want something that looks unique, modern, and artistic.

You may also like something more durable than what you had before. 

Not so fast…

Whether you’re mounting solar panels on a metal roof or mounting solar panels on a shingle roof, the process can be different. The solar panel roof mounting systems and hardware that your solar panels have been using could be specific to that type of roofing. When you choose to change the type of roofing material, it may mean that the mounting hardware for the solar panels also has to change. 

You can easily avoid this additional cost in the beginning. 

When selecting the material to put on your roof, you should consider the solar panels as well. You don’t have to stick to the same roofing material you currently have. 

But you do have to ensure that the new material works with the mounting hardware you have in place, or you’ll need a new system.

If not, you could have a chat with your solar installer and have them deliver the new mounting material before the roof is installed. This will make the process shorter and less of a hassle. 

If you would like to know more about how we can help you get your new roof in place, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to work on this with you. Fill out this form for a quote or call us today at (856)-340-0747.