The Best Siding Contractors in NJ

Do you remember how great it felt when you pulled up to your home when you first bought it? That feeling of pride and accomplishment…

Now, you have been looking at the same deteriorating infrastructure for years. It’s just no longer that appealing to look at anymore. Your windows may be aging, your siding is getting dingy, and the roof may need a replacement….

Do you know the easiest way to give your home exterior a makeover? It’s siding!

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Why Choose Vinyl Siding in South Jersey?

Vinyl siding began to replace aluminum siding on the market back in the late 1950s. Since then, vinyl has become an exceptionally versatile and desirable choice for any homeowner that wants long-lasting siding.

There are many reasons why houses have transitioned from aluminum to vinyl siding. Vinyl has many great attributes that are cost-efficient and suitable for protecting your home. While also providing more long term value for the homeowner.

Significantly Lower Costs

Siding materials can become very costly. For example, siding materials in different states may have higher or lower prices depending on the distribution costs. An approximate estimation for the NJ siding cost of wood materials runs anywhere from $6,500 to 10,000.

These prices depend on the quality of the wood that you want to use for siding, while vinyl will cost you anywhere from $2,500 to $8,500. 

Just by looking at these prices, it would be easier to assume that vinyl is of a lesser quality than wood. That is not the case!

Vinyl is of the same quality, if not better, than wood. The best part is that vinyl is much cheaper. Depending on the grade you go for and whoever does the installation. If you choose to install it yourself, you can end up saving more than $2,000 in labor costs. 

So why do people pick wood siding? It’s simple… the unique look!

Vinyl Is More Durable Than Other Material. 

Vinyl siding has outlasted the other siding materials in one metric or another. 

While wood siding is known for its slow deterioration, vinyl is resistant to mold and mildew. Some people may not realize that vinyl comes from plastic compounds, which means no fungi can break down or destroy the vinyl like wood siding. Even if your sidings get splashed with water repeatedly, you will not have to worry about it getting ruined.

Also, PVC is resistant to the efforts of the sun to bleach it. With continuous exposure, the paint on other products will tend to discolor over time.

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For this reason, a brand new coat of paint is more vivid than a paint color that has been in the sun for a more extended period.

Manufacturers produce PVC in a variety of different colors. So you will never lack the options when choosing which to install. There are also various designs you can do with PVC, such as wood sidings as well. The different styling options will allow you to maintain all the attributes of vinyl visually. 

Cuts The Cost Of Heating And Cooling

With different kinds of siding, insulation has to be in the walls. The wall studs hold insulation in place, which draws out the heat in your home during the winter and cools your house down during the summer.

While installing vinyl siding, a blanket is placed over the studs, enhancing your home’s thermal bridging coefficient. You are allowing insulation to improve the studs. 

Meaning fewer temperature fluctuations as the wall studs do not have contact with the outside world. 

If that’s not amazing, know that vinyl siding can help you get energy tax credits. Any kind of tax credit or reduction should be more than an incentive to get you to install vinyl sidings. 

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Vinyl Siding Is Easy To Maintain

Vinyl does not need to be covered in paint to keep it looking good. Vinyl is durable and strong so it does not dent easily.

If your kids accidentally kick a ball into your home and whack the siding, it shouldn’t damage the siding. If it does, you’re raising a future soccer star.

Since siding expands and contracts with temperature fluctuations, it is less likely to break from instances of temperature differences.

Vinyl also does not fade in the sun. So you won’t need to paint over it after having it for some time.

If you periodically give your siding a good power washing, it will last you decades.

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The Best Siding Contractors in NJ

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